What breeds for a ginger cat?

Ginger cats arouse fascination but did you know that there is no exclusively red cat breed? And for certain breeds registered with LOOF, the red coat is completely eliminatory? The redhead is wearing one of the most beautiful dresses for our cat friends with different kinds of markings. Discover below the different breeds of cats that can end up with a beautiful red coat.

The Maine Coon
Usually, the Maine Coon is a majestic cat that shows great presence. But have you ever seen a red Maine Coon? It is a color that is often requested by future owners but few manage to obtain one. With a strongly marked or lighter red, this coat brings an undeniable character to this large cat.

The Persian
Red Persians are also very popular . And for good reason, their resemblance to the famous orange cat Garfield. This fictitious big cat, described as lazy and whose occupations consist of eating and sleeping, corresponds perfectly to the Persian’s reputation as a pasha.

The British Shorthair
In the British Shorthair , the tabby coat often stands out and it is not uncommon to have a ginger kitten. A dress that goes perfectly with this robust cat with a teddy bear character. The ideal ginger cat is undoubtedly a British Shorthair!

The Norwegian
Another large breed, the Norwegian is an elegant breed whose red color often stands out. As with the Maine Coon, this coat tends to give a lot of character to this already impressive and imposing cat.

The alley cat
It’s impossible not to mention the alley cat whose red is a scrubbing coat. No matter the intensity of its red, whether it is tabby, tabby or even two-tone, thin and slender or rather compact, lovers of ginger cats will inevitably be won over by an alley cat.

So, which ginger cat do you fall for?

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