Return to school and cat depression

Limit cat depression

When you leave your home, whether for an hour, for the day or for vacation, tone down your goodbyes. The briefer and more reassuring the goodbyes are, the better cats experience the separation. When you return, give your cat something to eat that he loves. He will think that your departure allows him to enjoy himself and have pleasant things.

Despite everything, absence linked to vacation or a poorly experienced return to work is not always the only reason for your cat’s apparent sadness. With the start of the school year, the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. Cats love the heat but temperatures are starting to drop. By instinct, they know that with shorter days, prey becomes rare. 

Even though they don’t rely on hunting for food, this instinct is stronger than reason and a full bowl.The outings are shorter and less sunny. Boredom quickly set in.

Solutions to combat cat depression

Consider enriching the cat’s environment with new toys, if possible interactive or olfactory. For this, no worries with Miaoufbox! All the toys we select are 100% adapted to your cat and meet all its needs.

Don’t leave the cat in the dark. A programmer to turn on the light is a good investment, there are also programmable LED bulbs which turn on and off by themselves and whose intensity and color can be modulated. Simply program the lighting for times when night falls.

A sound presence can also be a possible solution. Playlist of nature sounds, birdsong, people talking, etc. the music doesn’t really matter, it’s better to focus on the voices. Radio for example, select news or debate channels as a priority. But it can also be the TV or a screen. Nature channels are the most popular with our cats. The feeling of not being alone will keep them alert and encourage them to play and keep busy, thus avoiding depression. 

And if you notice a drop in appetite, or neglect of grooming, once the veterinarian has ruled out a health problem, quickly consult a behaviorist who alone can help you.

A small program will be put in place accompanied by some Bach flowers adapted to your cat for example.

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