Red cats in the spotlight! 5 things you’ll love to discover about them!

. Ginger cats are more likely to be males

You may not know this, but in some cases, a cat’s coat is totally linked to its sex. Around 80% of ginger cats are male. There are very few females with red coats due to the sex chromosomes they possess. It is the pigment O which makes it possible to obtain a red color. This has the particularity of attaching itself to the For the case of a female with (XX) chromosomes, the O chromosome will therefore need to attach to both in order to obtain a red coat. Which is much more complicated and therefore less likely. This is why very few female cats are red.

2. Red cats are more present in cinema

Indeed, ginger cats have inspired many authors and screenwriters. Among them, we note the famous cat Garfield, this plump red cat who made many families laugh. We also note Puss in Boots in the film  Shrek , who has a strong character and who knows very well how to manipulate those around him using his big, gentle eyes! Then there is also the cat Gargamel from the cartoon  The Smurfs .

And beyond films, there are also many very famous ginger cats on Instagram that you can discover thanks to the hashtag #gingercat!

3. There are 5 ginger cat dresses

The red color can vary from one animal to another. These differences are characterized in particular by the marking thereof. Among them, we include the “mackerel”, “tabby” and “striped” pattern.

4. Freckles

Quite extraordinary, like humans, ginger cats generally have freckles. It is sometimes difficult to see them but they are clearly present at the muzzle. Unlike freckles on humans, freckles on cats are characterized by their black color. In addition, they can be present all over the body even if they are generally more abundant around the nose. We also note that their presence increases as the cat ages.

5. Special pigments

Did you know that the red color is due to a particular pigment? This one is pheomelanin. This pigment belongs to the same family as melanin, also present in humans and many other mammals. Each individual contains more or less of it, which gives them the color of their skin and hair. The quantity of this pigment will be determining for the intensity of the red color. Quite logically, a cat with little pheomelanin will tend to have a coat in beige tones, and conversely, a cat with a lot of pheomelanin will have a coat that tends towards red. This is the basic dress, to which will be added the color of the marking which will also be more or less intense.

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