4 signs that your cat is happy

Today we are going to answer THE question everyone is asking: is my cat happy and how do I know? You will discover what signs indicate happiness in your pet.

It is often easier to know that your cat is unwell, but certain signs give us indications of the certain well-being of our little companions

The behavior of a happy cat
The purrs and happiness of the cat
A cat also purrs when it is in pain, however we can decipher a purr of happiness. For example, if your cat welcomes you by rubbing against you, with little high-pitched meows and purrs, it’s because he’s happy to see you!

Another purr of happiness: you are comfortably seated on your sofa and he comes to snuggle up against your leg while purring. It is possible that in a moment of intense pleasure he will start to paw (commonly called strumming, kneading or knitting)

A cat who loves its owner is a happy cat

Do you come home from work and your cat follows you everywhere, brings you a toy, tries to interact with you? He comes to stop you from tapping on your keyboard and meows high-pitched to call you. He absolutely wants you to pet him or play with him. It’s because he missed you and he’s happy to be with you.

A happy cat also likes to roll onto its back giving you access to its belly. The area he protects the most, thus offered to your caresses, is the sign of incontestable confidence, it is his way of thanking you for being there and offering him a comfortable life, and therefore happiness!

Signs that are unmistakable in a cat
Your cat is a player
Minou comes running with her favorite cuddly toy to invite you to play? A sad cat doesn’t play. However, this sign must be explained: an older cat plays less than a very young one. Likewise, a cat that has had health problems in the past may play less than before. However, he is not sad or unhappy. He is just afraid of suffering or tiring quickly and will prefer to remain reserved.

The importance of routine for your cat
A healthy cat performs daily routines at approximately the same time. If these routines are too numerous, it can be a sign of stress in your pet. If, on the contrary, he does not have one, this could be a bad omen. As is often the case, there is a happy medium! Routines are important, so consider letting your cat play every day at the same time, for example. This stability is an essential source of feline happiness!

Obviously, these are just a few clues which, generally speaking, show that your little companion is happy and well in his paws. Each cat is different from its peers, and each cat reacts in its own way with its own codes. Don’t take every sign literally, assess the situation based on your cat and, if in doubt, call a cat behaviorist.

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See you soon for new explanations of feline behavior

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