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Dive into Morning Bliss with Cinnamon Apple Pie Overnight Oats



Dive into Morning Bliss with Cinnamon Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Looking for a breakfast that’s not only delicious
but also easy to prepare? Say hello to your new morning obsession – Cinnamon
Apple Pie Overnight Oats.

This recipe guarantees a creamy and flavorful
breakfast experience, with a delightful combination of cinnamon-kissed apples
and layers of goodness. Prepare to embark on a journey of breakfast bliss that
you won’t want to end!


Creamiest Overnight Oats Ever




– 50g oats

– 25g salted caramel soy protein

– 1 tsp chia seeds

– 180ml milk (use 100ml if not using vegan protein)



– Yoghurt of your choice (e.g., skyr)

– Caramelised apple: 1 apple + maple syrup +


Flavor Explosion


The Base – Creamy Overnight Oats:

Oats for Sustained Energy

Start with 50g of oats, providing a hearty base for
your overnight oats. Oats are rich in fiber, keeping you fuller for longer and
providing a slow release of energy throughout the morning.

Protein Boost with Salted Caramel Soy Protein :

Elevate your breakfast by adding 25g of salted
caramel soy protein. Not only does it enhance the flavor profile, but it also
provides a protein punch, making these overnight oats a satisfying and nutritious


Seeds for Texture

Introduce 1 tsp of chia seeds for that perfect
texture. Chia seeds absorb liquid, creating a pudding-like consistency and
adding a delightful crunch to every bite.


Goodness with Milk

Pour in 180ml of milk (opt for 100ml if not using
vegan protein) to bring all the ingredients together. This liquid component
ensures a creamy and luscious texture to your overnight oats.


Layers – Elevate Your Breakfast Game


Yoghurt Harmony

Choose your favorite yoghurt, and layer it on top of
the overnight oats. Skyr, known for its thickness and high protein content,
makes an excellent choice, creating a velvety contrast to the oats.


Apple Magic

Transform your breakfast into a culinary masterpiece
by caramelizing one apple. Slice the apple and sauté it with maple syrup and
cinnamon until it’s golden and fragrant. This layer introduces a burst of
sweetness and warmth reminiscent of apple pie.


for Breakfast Nirvana


1. In a jar or container, combine oats, salted
caramel soy protein, chia seeds, and milk. Mix well and refrigerate overnight.

2. In the morning, layer the creamy overnight oats
with your yoghurt of choice.

3. Top it all off with a generous serving of
caramelized apples, ensuring each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors.


Make Breakfast a Celebration :

Prepare to be amazed by the decadent flavors of
Cinnamon Apple Pie Overnight Oats. This recipe not only offers a delicious
start to your day but also provides the convenience of make-ahead preparation.
Double or triple the quantities, and you’ll have days’ worth of delightful
breakfasts ready to go. Trust us, you won’t want this breakfast delight to end.


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