Meet the Adorably Cute Python That’s the Smallest in the World


When you think of a pythonyou’re probably going to think of something huge. Reticle and burmese pythons come to mind – these handsome giants are intimidating, to say the least. Yet pythons are more than just a few giant species that Hollywood directors turn into movies.

While yes, pythons tend to be very large snakes, you might not realize that there are a few rather small, and dare I say, really cute species. The smallest pythons belong to the genus Antaresiaand its members include the python for kids and the spotted python.

To find these snakes, you will need to head to Australiawhich is home to more than a dozen species of python including the black-headed and python women.

Pilbara region in Western Australia is located in the northwest of Western Australia and is the hottest and driest region in all of Australia. Temperatures in this desert region regularly reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and can soar to 113 during the day with very little rainy season.

So, to avoid cooking like an egg, many animals spend their days underground. Termite mounds have been popular underground oases for many snake and lizard species.

This is where you will find the anthill, or pygmy, python. As an adult, this little snake only about 20 to 24 inches long and weighs less than half a pound. Measures like this make it the the smallest python in the world!

This adorable little python is nocturnal and only comes out at night when the temperatures drop into a more reasonable range. When he is out hunting you will often find him hanging around ant hills and termite mounds. This snake likes to eat geckos and lizards that feed on termites and ants.

It is one of the most laid-back python species. He hardly ever bites and doesn’t seem to mind being handled. Breeders in Australia have a few different morphs available; almost completely solid anything red or even an albino can be obtained.

There are breeders in North Americabut they are not yet very common.

Why is this adorable little python not popular? Well, that’s because pygmy pythons are one of the hardest snakes to eat as hatchlings. If you don’t have a baby geckos for them to eat, they probably won’t eat without help. This is because, in the wild, pygmy python hatchlings feed on tiny lizards and geckos. They don’t even start taking warm-blooded prey until they are bigger. Thus, breeders must give them pieces of mouse flavored with lizard or gecko to make them eat. However, once they take mice on their own, they almost never skip meals. Contrary to ball pythons, who can go on hunger strikes for several months.

These absolutely adorable snakes can make a great first snake – if they weren’t so expensive. Due to the difficulty in getting them to start eating as hatchlings, breeders tend to keep them longer before selling a baby pygmy python, which drives up the price slightly.


What’s better than the smallest python in the world?

  • How about the cuban boa? It is the only snake in the world that hunts cooperatively.
  • Then again there are the dramatic noodles of the snake world – the snout snakes. Those funny snakes play dead with the best of them.
  • Or one of my personal favorites, the indigo snake. These exceptional snakes take on even the largest rattlesnakes.


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