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10 Essentials For Removing Gels and Acrylic Nails


As a nail technician, you always want to make sure your clients look after their manicures with the utmost care following their service. But sometimes, you’ll have those who come back to your salon with their nails chipped, peeled or lifted, or are looking for a complete makeover.

To ensure polish removal runs just as smoothly as applying it, you should have the best tools and products to make it happen. Whether it’s gels or acrylics, these are the ten must-have products you’ll need for any removal service!

1. Polish remover

Polish remover is the most obvious product you should have at all times when removing your client’s manicure. However, one thing you should remember is that you have two options: acetone and non-acetone based removers. Acetone-based removers are perfect if you want to remove polish as quickly as possible with efficiency. Luckily, we supply a variety of acetone-based removers from a number of top brands, including our very own Salon Services Acetone!

If you have clients with sensitive skin prone to dryness, we also supply plenty of non-acetone removers

2. Electrical Nail Drill

If you have a client with chipped gel or lifted acrylics, then you’ll need an electric file that will target the areas carefully to prevent further damage to their natural nail. You’re in luck as we supply a variety of premium e-files such as the Beauty Express De Luxe Electric Nail File System that will save you so much time and offer unbelievable control and speed. Remember to also get premium drill bits available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials suited not just for removal, but for any stage of your clients’ manicure whether it’s drilling off acrylics or cleaning cuticles. If you don’t know where to start, Kupa offers plenty of top quality shaped drill bits.

3. Foil Nail Wraps

Perfect for both gels and acrylics, foil nail wraps will add a layer of protection to your clients’ skin when removing them. Quick and easy to apply, why not try our very own S-PRO Foil Nail Wraps? Not only are they pre-cut and will shape to your clients’ fingers easily, but they will also add comfort during the removal service.

4. Manicure bowl

If you work in a bustling nail bar, you’ll need to make sure you have the products to make polish removal quick and efficient. An acetone safe bowl will do the job smoothly as all you have to do is pour your remover into the bowl and dip your client’s fingers inside it. Another benefit? They’ll also make a more comfortable experience for your client!

5. Buffer Blocks

Buffer blocks are perfect for keeping your clients’ natural shine on their nails after removing their polish. Removing any residual oils, they are also great if their nails are ridged before their next manicure. Super versatile with different grits on each side, these will also reduce the risk of infection and get rid of and dry or dead skin around your clients’ nails!

6. Nail Files

Even if you used an electrical nail file, make sure your clients’ nails are shaped symmetrically to avoid jagged edges or damage before refilling their nails with a regular file. The most common one is a 240-grit, but remember that a coarse 100/180 grit file will be better for filing down acrylic nails.

7. Cuticle pusher

A must-have for any nail technician, cuticle pushers are perfect to remove any dead skin around your clients’ nails and avoid infection to keep them healthy.

Here’s a little tip: If there’s still residual polish on your clients’ fingers following their acetone treatment, use a cuticle pusher to scrape it out!

8. Nail Straighteners

After removing your clients’ gel or acrylics, it’s important to make sure they remain strong before you go on to do their next manicure. Nail strengtheners are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to their natural nail thanks to a mix of wheat protein and calcium. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty to choose from OPI’s Nail Envy range which will suit to your clients’ individual needs whether it’s thinness, brittleness or dryness.

9. Cuticle Oil

Aftercare is always important after removing gels and acrylics, so a nourishing cuticle oil will work best to add extra protection for your client’s natural nails. Try using the Salon Services Cuticle Oil, an affordable yet top quality oil formulated to penetrate deep into your clients’ cuticles for hydration and healthy regrowth.

10. Hand lotion

Hand lotions and creams are the perfect way to finish your client’s removal service. Not only will they leave your clients’ hands and nails soft and hydrated, but they’ll also protect them from any dryness caused by the remover you’ve used!


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